We are two cousins, we are family, who by chance of the destination share a great tourist legacy and we are heirs of a tours operators company with more than 20 years of experience.

One of us is the granddaughter of Mr. Luis Arana, pioneer of tourism, explorer, friend and assistant of very importan archaeologists like Silvanos Morley and Eric Thompson. He and his phather, Hector Arana, were the fist guides, drivers and cooks of the original tour to the Puuc route, where they drove jeeps, and cooked in the middle of the jungle to the adventurer tourist of that time.

The other, she is daughter of a businessman with more than 15 years of experience managing tourism companies. He left his career, be cause the love to his phater´s heritage and teachings of the Mayans, he decide to go back to the university, to complite his education, and get the oficial certification to be a profetional tour guide. With his management skills, plus his quality in VIP services, they led him to create transportation and tour operator company which specializes in private services for high profile passengers. That company stil active, now with more than 20 years of experience.

Currently, we both take the reins of that company, since 2014 we are working.

Now with experience throughout the Mexican southeast and if that it´s not enough, we have the advice and supervision of its creator.

To reach the tourist directly without intermediaries or medleman, we put our new company Yucatán VIP Tours and all our experience at your service, with: quality services at real costs and the best places to visit, since we are Those of us who have always done the services and know how, when, where to go, and how much the services really cost because we are locals, give us the opportunity to serve you and you will see for yourself.

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