• All services require a prepay of the 25% of the total for confirmation.
  • All services must be paid at the beginning and / or before the end of the service.Waiting times for transfers
  • Arrivals; the appointment at the meeting point will be of 30 minutes before arrival scheduled for the customer, according to the information provided.
  • After 1:00 hour waiting from the time scheduled of the arrival or request by the client, if they do not show out or if the transportation used is delayed, may be considered No Show, or may give the service if there is a vehicle available to cover it, or if it does not affect the operation of the agency’s carrier.
  • Departures; at the 15 minute waiting at the pick up time scheduled at the location request, it will be notify to the client,  that, they will be only 15 more minutes of waiting,  at the  30 minutes of the scheduled time, if the client does not show, the vehicle can be removed considering the service as no Show, and the client will have nothing to claim, unless the same client request timeout by hour as, at an additional cost of $  MXN time in regular service or $ MXN the hour a in luxury service or $ MXN in sprinter.

Waiting time for tours or circuits

  • The maximum waiting time to start the tour, from the pick up point will be 1:00 hour, if after this time, the client does not show up, it will be considered No Show. If the client advises that he is delayed, and will come out later, that time lost in waiting, will be reduced from the service time was contracted.
  • Tours made from hotels located less than 100 km from the site to be visited or with a maximum service time of 4 to 5 hours, do not include time for meals.Services subcontracted by the client or for the client
  • The agency will not be responsible at any time for complaints, refunds or any compensation to the client for failures in the outsourced services, such as hotels, boats, equipment, external services, etc., of the places that are visited. It is only responsible for the transportation and guide service.
  • The client is responsible to be on time, at the hour scheduled for pick up time, to reach the timetables of appointment for services outsourced.
  • The agency is not responsible for delays caused by the client and that affect or cancel the outsourced services.

Information changes

  • Pick up time changes will only be accepted until 17:00 hrs the day before the service. Once the operation is closed, unless is not compromised any other  agency´s service, or other service pre hired for the same client.
  • No flight arivals or departures changes will be accepted after 17:00 hours the day before the service, once the operation is closed, unless is not compromised any other agency´s service, through it´s carrier, the service may be make if it do not affect the operation the day reference, if isnt’ possible, the client will decide whether to pay an other service or considered no Show.


  • Transfers: Only cancellations notice will be accepted maximum 48 hours in advance, to the service date with out cost, with less time to the service date, will Consider as No Show without refound.
  • Tours:  Only cancellations notice will be accepted with maximun 7 days in advance to the service date with out cost, with 5 days 50% will be charged, less than 5 days 100% of the cost will be charged like No Show.
  • Circuit: Only cancellations notice will be accepted with a maximum of 15 days in advance to the service date with out cost, up to 10 days 50% will be charged, less than 7 days 100% of the cost will be charged like No Show.
  • For tours and circuits that are No Show, if there is a need for a reservation, for external services or third parties, a payment has to be done to guarantee the reservation, the same conditions mentioned above will also be considered.


  • Transfers in standard service include: standard vehicles, driver, insurance, one bottle of wáter per person, fuel and toll roads (if on the way to the destination).
  • Luxury transfers include: luxury vehicle, driver, insurance, one wáter per person, fuel, toll roads (if on the way to the destination), one cold wet wipe per person.
  • The standard tours include: standard vehicle, driver and / or guide, depending on the client’s request, two bottles of wáter per person, insurance, fuel, parking lots, toll roads (if on the way to the destination).
  • The luxury tours include: luxury vehicle, driver and guide, depending on what the client requests, two bottles of wáter per person, insurance, fuel, parking lots, toll roads (if on the way to the destination), one cold wet wipe per person.
  • Standard circuits include the same as a standard day tour for each day of service.
  • The luxury circuits include the same as a luxury day tour for each day of service.
  • Half day tours do not include time for food.
  • Day tours with more than 5 hours of service,  do include time for a meal, but meals are not included.
  • The circuits may only include time for one meal, if they require time for two meals a day, they will have a cost of waiting time, at the costs specified in the transfers.


  • The itineraries must clearly explain what type of service the client paid for, or what it includes.
  • The customer will be responsible for additional services and cover the expenses to be paid to complete the extended or changes that have to be given to complement any itineraries, as long as it is different to what was request  to the agency.
  • Itineraries for both tours and transfers must include the legend: Tips Included or Not Included, as the case may be.
  • Itineraries must be sent at least 8 days before starting the service, except in the case of last minute sales, in order to make the proper allocation of vehicles, especially in the case of requesting a special vehicle.


  • The agency’s carrier is responsible for having all its vehicles insured according to the requirements of the Secretary of Communications and Transportation of the United Mexican States, for in the event that passengers suffer a mishap inside the vehicle, these policies may be required by the authorities, the agency and / or the client as many times as necessary.
  • The customers will be responsible s to have insurance coverage sufficient for all family members and / or group, so if you suffer a mishap or accident outside the vehicle, this will take care of the damage, thereby exonerating the carrier and the agency from any civil or legal liability in this regard.

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