Bacalar (the place of the reeds) is a Magic town in Mexico, where is a beautiful lagoon with white sands, cristal clear caribbean waters, and also fed by several cenotes, many shalow waters áreas wich give it different colors between blue and green depending on the depth, and sun ligth, are flowing to the Caribbean sea, through canals, used by the famous pirates to attack and steal the town. On the XVIII century, the inhabitants tired of these constant lootings,  built a small bastion to repel the attacks and that today is the small museum of San Felipe.

We suggest to spend at least one nigth in this Paradise, to enjoy its beautiful, and calm waters, take a boat ride to explore the lagoon, the cenotes, the nice spots for swimming and take a look at the natural millennial formations name stromatolites, (they are a kind of rocky formations from carbonates of calcium that grow vertically, they are the first living beings that formed the reefs.

Note: this tour is able to do from  Chetumal.
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