Cenotes Tour

Located between 80 and 140 kms from Cancun, you can visit up to 3 different cenotes where you can swim with your family making this a fun and natural experience.

The karst groung of the Yucatan Peninsula, with the help of the meteorite that crashed the earth in the Gulf of Mexico, killing the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, plus the help made by the erosion of the rain and the sea during all those thousands of years in the ice age, they washed all the sand under the peninsula, which was expelled to the sea, (all the clean, fine, and White sand made the sea bed to caribbean, créated that beautiful color), only a layer of limestone remained on the top. All that activity on the ground created more than 3,000 cenotes, all connected to each other with the caves and grottos flooded with the very clean water of the rain filtered by that layer of limestone  makeing a huge lake (the largest in the world) but underground.

From the cenotes, which are also called sink hols (wells where you can sink, due to the low density of the water if you stop swimming, you tend to sink) we can access that huge lake or aquifer where you and your family can have a refreshing swim.


This tour is able to combine with: Akumal, Yalku, Tulum;

Or be part of a circuit.

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Cenotes Tour
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