Edzna is a magnificent Mayan city, located an hour and a half from the city of Campeche and means the house of the Itzá (water magicians) originally in the Mayan language, but deformed by the Spanish who could not pronounce the language at the beginning of the conquest.

Many stelae (stones carved with representations of the upper social class) welcome you, where you can see the way in which they were represented by the great sculptors in a two-dimensional artistic expression show many details such as loincloths, jewelry, weapons, sandals and their gods.

Also in this place you will be able to appreciate the greatness of the Mayan architects and engineers when you observe the 5-story palace with more than 90 rooms representing pre- classic, classic and a bit of post-classic architecture.

A small ball court, the facade decorated with masks of the solar god, the square of the ambassadors, the main square, the the knives platform and many other things.

Let us take you back in time and relive the culture with its customs and traditions, with our stories and tales.

Note: this tour i sable to combine with the Campeche city ​​tour, which gives us the opportunity to visit a local restaurant for a good lunch. (Meals are not included). Or be part of a circuit.

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