Kabah (the migthy hand), is one of the Mayan cities that belong to the Puuc Route (area of ​​hills) rests in the heart of the most important agricultural area in the state of Yucatan, you will find an extraordinary three-level palace from where the rulers controlled all the city, you can admire the palace of Chaac (the rain god) which shows the importance of the gods for this great civilization, especially the building dedicated to him, represented by 260 masks decorating the entire facade, you can see beautiful sculptures , stone engravings and more important things.

It can´t be imagine in the Stone Age without any help of metals, the Mayans were able to build palaces like these and recycle old buildings at the end of a calendrical period to use as foundations or to enhance and enlarge as a new period offering.

Give us the pride to tell you the story and show you the place that we know perfectly as locals.

Note: This tour i sable to combine with Uxmal, Puuc route or Lol Tun; Or be part of a circuit.

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