Puuc Route

The puuc (hilly area) route is an incredible tour where we can admire two of the three existing sites in the area, Sayil and Labnah, you can get an idea of ​​the magnificent life that the rulers had, by seeing the type of constructions that they were their homes from where they controlled the entire city.

Sayil (the place of the sayes: Big ants ), where you can admire an incredible three-story palace with more than 70 rooms, of classic architecture, made at different times within the same period, showing different characteristics, such as decoration of the Chenes (Campeche area influence )region , Puuc, and a clear influence from the period of the beginning of development of Uxmal, beautiful masks and snakes with open jaws decorate the frieze on one of these levels.

At your request, your guide can take you to see the representation of the phallus or fertility god, not recommended for minors.

Labnah (old house), incomparable archaeological site, where you can see a palace builded on a platform that served to emphasize the importance of who lived there, due to the extra height that this gives to the building, there are cisterns that still conserve water collected from the rain, which was used for the service of the inhabitants of such a majestic construction, decorated with beautiful three dimensional Chaac (God of Rain),mask, decorative columns, stylized spiral shaped , lattices work, and wide accesses to their rooms, a very elevated sac be (Mayan roads).

You will also find a beautiful observatory, with modeled stucco remains representing astronomers in its exterior decoration, and the world famous Labnah arch, which delimited the entrance to the site, where visitors and merchants were received in a small quadrangle as an embassy. To decide if they were allowed to enter the city.

NOTA: This tour is recommended to combine it with: Caves of Lol Tun, or with Uxmal or with Kabah. If your desire to visit the entire area from Uxmal, passing through Kabah, the Puuc Route, and Lol Tun, it is advisable to do it in two days or if you spend the night in Uxmal, it can be done in one day, but in a hurry, since access hours are limited,especially Lol Tun, has specific hours to enter, you do not access the hour you arrive.

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Puuc Route
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