Uxmal is a fantastic place that you can not miss, just 80 kms or 1 hour from Mérida; or 160 kms in 2.30 hrs by road from the city of Campeche, we will take you to the oldest geological area in Yucatán, also called the state horchard, because it is the best growing area with its fertile soil, but without water, which did not represent any problem for Mayan architects and engineers.

Uxmal was translated by the Spanish as ” the thrice built”, it was the capital of the region Puuc “Hills area Yucatán”.

In this city, you can admire beautiful buildings with their facades decorated with limestone carved, cut one by one, making beautiful mosaics of latticeswork, that give the impression o a poem in stone, bulding long as 50, 60 or 90 meters, By 4 or 5 meters wide, they make the region characteristic and name its architectural style, like puuc style. Uxmal, Kabah, Sayil, Labna, Lol Tun, and even some other places not excavated yet, were the Puuc kingdom, one of the most large in those days, let us to brind a life this place with our stories stories and knowledge. You will be pleasantly surprised with the information we have about the place, such as the water supplies, the size of the city, and more.

After the tour we can take you, to a restaurant on the road or to the city of Merida. (Meals are not included).

Note: this tour can be combined with city tour of Merida, Kabah, Puuc route; Or be part of a circuit.

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